Essay 2

Write an essay (approx. 200 words) on the topic:

English in My Life

Write about the role of the English language in your life. Here are some points you could write about.

1. Is English an important language for Estonians? Why is the use of English grown during the last 20 years?

2. In what areas of life (e.g. transport, trade, sport, tourism, show business) do people need English? What kind of jobs do Estonians need English for?

3. When, where and for what do you use English outside the classroom? What do you think you will use it for in the future?

4. Is it difficult to learn English? Why (not)? Is the pronunciation/spelling/grammar complicated? Where can you learn English in Estonia? How long does it take to learn to use English successfully?

5. What Estonian-English and English-Estonian dictionaries do you know and use? What do you use a dictionary for? (e.g. finding out pronunciation and meaning, checking spelling, seeing how the word is used in sentences, etc.)